The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation Team Digital

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The Power of Luminosity Masks

Detail-Page-TPOLM-TDWhere: Team Digital, 268 Lord St, Perth WA 6000
Date: Thursday 17th of March, 2016
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Cost: Closed for Bookings
Participants: Maximum of 40

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The use of Luminosity Masks in an editing workflow has been around for several years, and they are becoming widely regarded as one of the best tools available for controlling where editing is applied to your images. Traditionally Luminosity Masks have been used in the editing of landscape images, but can be used on all types of photographs including portraiture. Luminosity Masks are used to make accurate selections in your images based on the luminance values (brightness / darkness) of pixels giving you the power to work on isolated areas of your images without impacting the entire image. 

In this presentation I will run through many of the uses for Luminosity Masks in your editing, showing you the power and control you can gain in your editing process. Some of the topics I will cover, time permitting, are:

  • What are Luminosity Masks and how do they work
  • Using Luminosity Masks with adjustment layers
  • Using Luminosity Masks with Blending Modes
  • Using Luminosity Masks to blend images
  • Painting with Luminosity Masks
  • Masking Luminosity Masks (yes masking the masks)

Following the presentation if there is time, we’ll have a question and answer period.