The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentations

The Power of Luminosity Masks

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Where: Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane
Dates: See table below
Time: See table below
Cost: $49.95 (including panel value at $35.00), $19.95 for Presentation Only. 
Participants: Seating varies by Venue, and bookings will be closed when sold out

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The use of Luminosity Masks in an editing workflow has been around for several years, and they are becoming widely regarded as one of the best selection tools available. Traditionally Luminosity Masks have been used in the editing of landscape images, but can be used on all types of photographs including portraiture. Luminosity Masks are used to make accurate selections in your images based on the luminance values (brightness / darkness) of pixels, giving you the power to work on isolated areas of your images without impacting the entire image.

In this presentation we will cover many of the uses for Luminosity Masks in your editing, showing you the power and control you can gain. Some of the topics we will cover, time permitting, are:

  • What are Luminosity Masks and how do they work
  • Using Luminosity Masks with adjustment layers
  • Using Luminosity Masks with Blending Modes
  • Using Luminosity Masks to blend images (Automatically and Manually)
  • Refining your selections
  • Painting with Luminosity Masks
  • Masking Luminosity Masks (yes masking the masks)

Following the presentation there will be a question and answer period. 

With nearly 15 years of experience using Photoshop I have developed many unique ways of using this powerful editing tool to obtain my desired results in my images. Several years ago I started experimenting with Luminosity Masks as a selection tool, and have since developed a Luminosity Action Panel, originally to speed up my workflow, but has now expanded into a tool that all users of Photoshop can benefit from, ADPpanel+Pro. This Luminosity Action Panel is included in the price to attend the presentation.


Click Here to see 25 videos showing how to use all the functions of the panel

Each presentation runs for 2 hours. The table below shows you where and when each of the presentations will be held. Seating is limited and the presentation will be closed for bookings when the maximum seating capacity at each session has been reached.

City Date Times Location Availability
Melbourne 11-Jun-16 10:30am – 12:30pm Fitzroy Library Completed
Canberra 18-Jun-16 10:30am – 12:30pm Westfield Woden Training Room Completed
Sydney 25-Jun-16 10:30am – 12:30pm Crows Nest Centre Completed
Gold Coast 16-Jul-16 10:30am – 12:30pm Southport Community Centre Available
Brisbane 23-Jul-16 10:30am – 12:30pm The Exchange Kelvin Grove Available



Make your booking below, be sure to select the product that reflects the version of Photoshop you are using, there is one for CS6 and a second for CC2014 & CC2015, also select your city and the session time you will be attending.  Payments can be made by credit card or paypal, simply add the product to your cart and go to check out at the top right of the page. The CS6 version of the panel has been upgraded to all of the functionality of the CC2015 version with the exception of the Auto Adjust Tab (which uses tools that aren’t available in CS6).

Note: You will automatically receive an e-mail after your purchase with the download link for the product with installation instructions. There is a separate product for CS6 and CC2014-2015. 

**Please note that refunds will not be offered if you are unable to attend the presentation, but can be transferred to another person, please let me know if this is the case. In the event that the presentation is cancelled you will be given a refund less the value of the luminosity panel. 

The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation & Panel for CC2014 & CC2015
The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation & Panel for CC2014 & CC2015
A presentation on the Power of Luminosity Masks, showing many of the powerful uses for these popular selection tools, includes my Luminosity Action Panel. Select your city below.
Price: $49.95
City :
The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation & Panel for CS6
The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation & Panel for CS6
A presentation on the Power of Luminosity Masks, showing many of the powerful uses for these popular selection tools, includes my Luminosity Action Panel. Select your city below.
Price: $49.95
City :
The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation Only
The Power of Luminosity Masks Presentation Only
A presentation on the Power of Luminosity Masks, showing many of the powerful uses for these popular selection tools, this is the presentation only. Select your city below.
Price: $19.95
City :


What are User Saying About ADPpanel+Pro

Tony Hewitt – AIPP Grand Master of Photography
2015 WPPI 1st in Landscape Category, 2013 Australian Photographer of the Year, 2013 Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2013 NZ Overseas Photographer of the Year, (2004, 2008, 2013, 2015) WA Landscape Photographer of the Year
Great tool for all the photographers out there who love their creativity to flow uninterrupted, and the imaging tools to be a smooth extension of their thought process!

Nick Melidonis – APP.L Master Photographer V
3 time AIPP Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2005 AIPP West Australian Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year, 3 time Runner-up Australian Travel Photographer of the Year
I have recently been introduced to Aaron Dowling’s Luminosity Panel and find it one of the most useful and innovative products for digital photographers on the market today. The ease with which you can make delicate selections; adjust tonal values and colours with high precision within an image and even achieve outcomes such as realistic HDR blends including a Blend-If option will make this a must-have to improve your workflow at a very cost-effective price. I highly recommend it for pros and enthusiasts alike.”

Johannes Reinhart – Professional Event & Wedding Photographer
2015 – Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year, 2015 – Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize – Finalist, 2015 – Fremantle International Portrait Prize – Print Handlers Award, 2015 – WA Professional Creative Photographer of the Year – Finalist, 2013 – RAWards Western Australia – Photographer of the Year
“Love Aaron’s Luminosity Panel! It’s the quickest way to select and adjust highlights and other tonal areas in an image. No more painfully brushing in like in the old days. A bargain for anyone who takes his or her photography seriously. “

Kirk Norman – Professional Sports Portrait Photographer
“Aaron Dowling’s Action Panel has been a big part in my photography workflow for over a year. As a Sports Portrait photographer, I needed a way to move through my images quickly to get back to shooting. With a quick and easy selection of luminosity masks, you can transform a flat image and create a striking, well balanced portrait, that pops off the screen with contrast. It’s just so easy to use. Select your tonal range, adjust your contrast with your multiple selection of tools and mask in your areas of adjustment. The best part is it doesn’t stop there.  A big plus for anyone wanting to edit portrait images like the pros and so much more. I couldn’t do without this Panel now, giving me the best post processing I could ever need and at a speed that gets me out of the office.” 

Ferdinand de Groot – Netherlands
“A few days ago I discovered on the internet your site. I was looking for a PS Panel with Luminosity Masks. I had tried several panels but was not satisfied. Your panel is absolute ‘First Class’ and on your site I found so many (Luminosity) Tools and explanations. I thank you for that very much.” 

Nancy Bonhaus – USA
“Wow!  I loved your last version of the panel and I think I will love this version even more after binge-watching the tutorials.  I tried to learn Photoshop for years with nothing but frustration.  Your panel makes it so much more intuitive and powerful.  Your panel is really great, but what really makes it special is the amount and quality of instruction that you provide.  You are a great teacher and thanks so much! Your panel is the best bargain in photography”


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