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Our Luminosity Mask Video Tutorials Have moved

For videos on our new panel ADP Pro v3 click the link below.

For videos on our previous panels, click the link below.

Luminosity Masks are one of the most powerful editing tools that we have available to us. The ways that Luminosity Masks can be used in your editing workflow is limitless, making accurate selections to make adjustments, blend multiple images, dodge and burn, create stunning contrast simply, and much more. These tutorials are designed to show many of the ways that Luminosity Masks can be used with your images, with new tutorials being added regularly and completely free. 

Whether you are new to Luminosity Masks, or an advanced user, there are tutorials here for all skill levels. Contrary to common perceptions, using Luminosity Masks is much simpler then they appear, with many beginners to Photoshop finding ADP Pro v3 making editing much simpler and intuitive. Enjoy the Luminosity Mask videos, and if there are videos that you would like to see, don’t hesitate to contact me with your thoughts and ideas. 

Luminosity Mask Video Tutorials

Find links below to the Luminosity Mask Video Tutorials with over 6 hours of video content and growing. All of these luminosity mask videos are absolutely free to watch. There are videos going back to the original ADPpanel, but are still relevant in the latest update, with many of the techniques shown in the original panel now having buttons in the latest panel making your editing even easier.