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Remove Halos on Your Images Easily

In this tutorial I show you a great tip that was in the latest issue of Better Photography Magazine by Peter Eastway on how to remove halos in your images. This can be a frustrating issue at times, and this tutorial makes the removal of these halos much easier. 

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From time to time when we edit images we’ll run into a problem with halos appearing along high contrast edges. Typically we will get this between the land and skies. This can be caused by a few things such as: over sharpening, applying clarity to our images, or when we blend images the transition isn’t as clean as we’d like. We should endeavour to avoid this issue while editing our images, but from time to time it seems out of our control and can ruin your images, especially if you intend to print. 

This tutorial shows you how to use the Clone tool in Photoshop with blending mode set to Darker Color and allow you to easily remove the haloing without the worry of doing a dodgy job, and speed up your workflow. 

Although this isn’t a Luminosity Mask tutorial it can be a common issue when multiple images haven’t been blended perfectly. 


You can also do the same thing by using a transparent layer, the steps to do this are below:

Step 1: Create a new transparent layer
Step 2: Change the blend mode of that layer to Darker Color
Step 3: Select your Clone Tool
Step 4: Change the blend mode of the Clone Tool to Normal
Step 5: In the Clone tool select Sample All Layers

You will now be able to use a the blank layer to do your cloning and save on your file sizes. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this video or future videos you may be interested in seeing, please leave a comment below. 

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