Luminosity Masks – Show Adjust CC

How To Use ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks

Show and Adjust Luminosity Masks

Show / Adjust

The Show/Adjust button allows you to reveal or show any loaded selection in full screen and make adjustments to that mask. 

Often times when we create a selection, whether it’s a Luminosity Mask selection, colour range selection, or any other method of selection we want to take a look at or adjust that selection further before using it on our images. The Show/Adjust button will bring the mask up full screen for easy viewing. It will also bring up a Levels Adjustment layer allowing you to make tonal adjustments to the areas being selected. 

Using the Levels Adjustment Layer you can slide your Mid-Tones slider to restrict or enlarge the tonal range being selected, or slide the Darks slider to further darken the darker areas of the mask, or slide the Lights slider to brighten the areas selected. 

You also have the ability to mute the darker or lighter tones in the image by sliding the two tonal sliders at the bottom of the levels adjustment, giving you further control over the strength of the mask. Once you have completed your adjustment, simply press OK in the Levels Adjustment layer and your selection will be reloaded and ready for use with the tool of your choice. 

The video below will show how to use Show/Adjust in more detail. 

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