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How To Use ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks

Refine Luminosity Masks


The Refine button allows you to reveal or show any loaded selection in full screen and make fine adjustments to that mask in three tonal ranges. 

The Refine tool in the panel gives another option for refining our Luminosity Mask selections, or any selection that we make. It allows us to make very fine adjustment to our masks in three tonal ranges and works completely differently to the other mask creation tools that we have available to us in ADPpanel+Pro. 

The Refine tool calls up the Shadows and Highlights tool in Photoshop, which is typically for working on images, but is being used here to refine our Luminosity Mask selections. Working in the Highlights or Shadows, we can adjust the strength of those tones through a tonal range and radius slider, strengthening or smoothing out our selections. We also have a Mid-Tone adjustment tool allowing us to lighten or darken the mid-tones in the mask. 

This tools can be useful when you’re working with very intricate details in an image and you want your selection to perfectly target your desired area. Once you are done refining your selection, you press OK in the Refine window and your selection will be reloaded to continue to use with other tools in the panel. 

The video below will show how use refine masks in more detail. 

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ADPpanel+Pro v2 Luminosity Action Panel - CC2014 - CC2017
ADPpanel+Pro v2 Luminosity Action Panel - CC2014 - CC2017
ADP Panel + Pro for Photoshop CC2014 to CC2017 A powerful luminosity mask action panel for Photoshop. Giving you complete control over luminosity mask creation, digital blending, dodging and burning and much more.

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