Luminosity Masks – Luminosity Masks Vibrance and Saturation Masks


Vib and Sat

Vibrance and Saturation Masks

The Vib (Vibrance) and Sat (Saturation) Masks in ADPpanel+Pro tools create masks based on areas of Low or High Saturation in our images. These masks allow you to control the increase in vibrance or decrease in saturation in our images in only the areas where we have low vibrance or high saturation, rather then a global approach to adjustments without them.

You can then use tools such as Mask and Apply Group to target only the areas that you want affected.

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The video below will show how the Vib and Sat tools work in the panel. 


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ADPpanel+ Pro CS6 Luminosity Action Panel
ADPpanel+ Pro CS6 Luminosity Action Panel
A powerful luminosity mask action panel for Photoshop. Designed to have the ability to create an infinite number of Luminosity & Colour Masks, Tonal Area (Zone) Masks, 3 Methods of Automated Blending, powerful detail extractors and sharpening tools and much much more. The CS6 panel has all the functionality of the CC panel with the exception of Auto Adjust, which isn't available in CS6.

Pricing is in US Dollars