Luminosity Masks – Luminosity Masks Flatten Merge Vignette


Flatten, Merge All, Vignette, Back & Fwd

Flatten, Merge, Vignette, Step Back and Forward

There are many tools that we use during our editing on a regular basis, this row in the panel puts a few of the most common tools into one place putting them at our fingertips. The Vignette tool is the only exception in this row. 

Flatten: This tool flattens the image, merging all of the active layers into one layer.
Merge: The merge tool creates a merged copy of all the active layers and places it on top of the top active layer.
Back & Fwd: These tools are the Undo and Redo tools allowing you to step back and forward through your history states.
Vignette: One of the last things typically done to an image is to put a vignette on the image to draw the users eye into the area you want the viewer to look. Using any selection tool, you draw around the area of the image you want to keep light, then pressing the vignette button creates a vignette around that area and feathers the selection. Both the darkening and feathering that are applied are fully adjustable.  

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The video below will show how to use the tools in the third row of the common area of the panel. 

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ADPpanel+ Pro CS6 Luminosity Action Panel
ADPpanel+ Pro CS6 Luminosity Action Panel
A powerful luminosity mask action panel for Photoshop. Designed to have the ability to create an infinite number of Luminosity & Colour Masks, Tonal Area (Zone) Masks, 3 Methods of Automated Blending, powerful detail extractors and sharpening tools and much much more. The CS6 panel has all the functionality of the CC panel with the exception of Auto Adjust, which isn't available in CS6.

Pricing is in US Dollars