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Detail Extractors in Photoshop

Detail Extractors

The Detail Extractor tools in ADPpanel+Pro is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to pull detail out of the highlights, midtones and shadows of your images separately. This tool will extract a great amount of detail out of these tonal ranges allowing you to create fine detail in any area of your images. 

It uses Luminosity Masks to restrict the areas that it works in, highlights, midtones and shadows. Often detail can be lost or hidden, especially in the shadows you can virtually be guaranteed to uncover these hidden details using this tool, making your images much more dynamic. This is very valuable especially if you are printing your images where those fine details are a must.

You can choose to extract details from all of the tones, or work in just your highlights, mid-tones or shadows separately. Once the detail extractors have been created, you can adjust the opacity of each of the tones to bring in more or less detail. 

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The video below will cover how the Detail Extractor section of the panel works.