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Using Channel Luminosity Masks

Channel Masks

Channel Masks

The traditional method of creating a viewing Luminosity Masks was through the use of Channels in Photoshop. This method created Luminosity Masks as 8-bit masks and was a quick visual way of seeing the traditional 1 through 6 selections that were typically provided in actions and panels. Although this method is becoming used much less today, it’s still a good method of viewing masks. 

The channel masks buttons in ADPpanel+Pro allow you to create the traditional 6 Lights, 6 Darks, and 6 Mid-tones masks quickly, or all 18 masks at the push of a button. These masks can be used in your editing by loading them up as selections and moving back to your layers palette to apply them. Note that leaving masks in your Channels Palette will significantly increase your file sizes, so delete buttons have also been included so that they can easily be removed. 

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The video below will cover how the Channel Masks section of the panel works. 


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ADPpanel+ Pro CS6 Luminosity Action Panel
ADPpanel+ Pro CS6 Luminosity Action Panel
A powerful luminosity mask action panel for Photoshop. Designed to have the ability to create an infinite number of Luminosity & Colour Masks, Tonal Area (Zone) Masks, 3 Methods of Automated Blending, powerful detail extractors and sharpening tools and much much more. The CS6 panel has all the functionality of the CC panel with the exception of Auto Adjust, which isn't available in CS6.

Pricing is in US Dollars