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Luminosity Masks for Photoshop

ADPpanel+Pro has been designed to be one of the most powerful and easy to use Luminosity Mask Action Panels on the market today. Designed in a streamlined way to sit above your layers palette and not intrude on your valuable image space giving you the most useful tools available at your finger tips. The creation of luminosity masks has never been more intuitive, powerful and fast. Adjustments and refinements are quick and visual, making it simple to create the perfect mask for any situation. 3 very powerful methods of Automated Blending have been added to the panel making blending images easier than it’s ever been, creating natural results. The Dodging and Burning built into the panel are some of the most advanced on the market today. ADPpanel+Pro is sure to be one of the most useful and most commonly used tools in your editing workflow. 

There is also a version of ADPpanel+Pro Available for CS6 Users: Click Here for CS6

Video Introduction to ADPpanel+Pro 


Creating Luminosity Masks

Create Infinite Luminosity Selections

There are no limits to the tonal range that can be selected. Create luminosity masks simply and quickly. Cycle through all of the pre-set masks, then use one or all of the three methods for very powerful adjustment to any selection. View the tonal gradient being selected and watch it change as you make adjustments to your selection. The creation of Luminosity Masks has never been more powerful and intuitive.

Great tool for all the photographers out there who love their creativity to flow uninterrupted, and the imaging tools to be a smooth extension of their thought process!” - Tony Hewitt

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Tonal Luminosity Zone SelectionsEasily Targets Specific Tonal Ranges

With 11 Restricted and 9 Expanded tonal zone masks for ultimate control over the tones in your images. Zone masks are an extremely powerful way of targeting specific tones that couldn’t be selected any other way.

Cycle quickly through the available tones, or use the tone picker tool to make a selection of the tones you want to work in and let ADPpanel+Pro analyse your selection and create the perfect mask for you. 

“Love this Luminosity Panel! It’s the quickest way to select and adjust highlights and other tonal areas in an image. No more painfully brushing in like in the old days. A bargain for anyone who takes his or her photography seriously.“ - Johannes Reinhart

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 Modify Any Selection Easily

16-bit Luminosity Masks

3 Methods of Automated Blending

Automated Adjustments (Use Sliders)

Dodge & Burn With Accuracy

Powerful Tools to Work With Selections 


Dodge and Burn with Luminosity MasksDodge and Burn With 3 Powerful Methods

The Dodging and Burning tools in ADPpanel+Pro have been greatly enhanced. Now giving you the power to Dodge and Burn in 5 separate tonal ranges and a choice of three different methods for Dodging and Burning. Take complete control over the tonal values, drawing your viewers eye directly to the points of interest. 

The ease with which you can make delicate selections; adjust tonal values and colours with high precision within an image and even achieve outcomes such as realistic HDR blends will make this a must-have to improve your workflow at a very cost-effective price. I highly recommend it for pros and enthusiasts alike.” - Nick Melidonis

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Automated Digital Blending

Automated Digital Blending

Blend up to seven images, using three different methods quickly and easily. Two of the digital blending methods are semi-automated, you have input into the blending process controlling the way each of the layers are blended. The third automated blending method is fully automated.

A great tool at your fingertips as you learn to use luminosity masks, or want to quickly blend your images together. 

“ I couldn’t do without this Panel now, giving me the best post processing I could ever need and at a speed that gets me out of the office.” – Kirk Norman

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Find all of the tools above, plus many more powerful tools in ADPpanel+Pro.
Check out the additional resources below to see the full power of this amazing tool.

Additional Resources


How to Use Luminosity MasksWatch the “How To Use” videos, where you will find an introduction to the panel and 24 how to use videos showing all the functions in the panel. Never wonder what a button does in ADPpanel+Pro.


Luminosity Mask Video TutorialsWatch over 4 hours of free video tutorials, where I tackle issues faced every day in image editing. These tutorials will help you on your way to getting the most out of Luminosity Masks. 


Luminosity Masks Video WotkshopLuminosity Masks Unmasked is a 7.5 hour video workshop that teaches Luminosity Masks from the beginning, showing many techniques including advanced techniques and then puts all the learning together into 4 full image edits. 



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Purchase ADPpanel+Pro or Luminosity Masks Unmasked Video Series below, you can also bundle both products together and get a 15% discount. 

ADPpanel+Pro v2 - CC2014 - CC2017
ADPpanel+Pro v2 - CC2014 - CC2017
ADP Panel + Pro for Photoshop CC2014 to CC2017 A powerful luminosity mask action panel for Photoshop. Giving you complete control over luminosity mask creation, digital blending, dodging and burning and much more.

Pricing is in US Dollars

ADPpanel+Pro v2 for CC2014 to CC2017 & Luminosity Masks Unmasked Video Series
ADPpanel+Pro v2 for CC2014 to CC2017 & Luminosity Masks Unmasked Video Series
Bundle ADPpanel+Pro and the Luminosity Masks Unmasked Video series and save 15%. Get the most out of your purchase by combining these two products and learn to master Luminosity Masks.

SAVE 15% When Bundled

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Luminosity Masks Unmasked for CC
Luminosity Masks Unmasked for CC
Start mastering editing with Luminosity Masks today. This video series has been developed based on over 18 years experience with photoshop, plugin design and many workshops and presentations on luminosity masks. Included in the video series you'll get: 30 HD Videos (1920 x 1080), over 7.5 hours of video, watch online or download to your computer. This series is for CC2014 - CC2017 users.

Pricing is in US Dollars

Frequently Asked Questions

Will ADPpanel+Pro work on Mac’s and PC’s?

Yes, ADPpanel+Pro will work on both Mac’s and PC’s and with any operating system installed.

Will it work in any language version of Photoshop?
Yes, ADPpanel+Pro works in any language version of Photoshop, all of the buttons and layer will still be named in English, but will function as advertised regardless of your language version of Photoshop.

Is it easy to install?
Yes, ADPpanel+Pro is easy to install. It comes with simple to follow installation instructions. It also comes with 2 methods of installation in the event that one does not work properly for you. Also if you are having any issues with installation I will personally help you with your installation.

Will it work in Photoshop Elements or CS5 & CS6?
ADPpanel+ Pro has been designed to work in Photoshop CC products, and will not work in Elements or CS5. Aversion of the panel is available for CS6

How can I learn how to use the panel?
I have created a complete video series on how to use each button within the panel, and can be watched HERE. I also create video tutorials showing how to use luminosity masks which are absolutely free and can be found on The Luminosity Channel. New videos are being added to this series on a regular basis.

Do I receive updates if I upgrade from CS6 to CC products?
Yes, if you update from CS6 to a CC product, just send me an e-mail and I will send you the update at no charge. Also, each time the panel is updated you will receive the update via a download link by e-mail when it’s released.