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How To Use ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks

Remove Dust Spots in Photoshop

Dust Spot Removal

The Dust Spot Removal tool, reveals all of the dust spots in your images making their removal simple and straight forward. 

If you’re anything like me, often times I would miss dust spots or forget to look for them all together. This tool now reveal the dust spots in your image at the click of a button. It created a layer that highlights all of the dust spots, and creates another layer where you can use the spot removal tool in Photoshop to eliminate them quickly and easily. It also has a side benefit by also revealing all of those little distractions that you can have throughout your images. 

Once you have made a pass through your image on the settings supplied in the revealing layer, open up the properties of the levels adjustment and pull back on the highlights slider a little, to help reveal dust spots that appear in the brightest highlights in your image. 

Once you have completed the removal of the dust spots throughout the image, just simply drag the levels adjustment layer to the garbage bin and you’re done. 

The video below will show how to use Dust Spot Removal tool in more detail. 

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