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How To Use ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks

Dodge and Burn with Luminosity Masks

Dodge and Burn

Use Dodging and Burning with Luminosity Masks to get ultimate control over how your viewers look at your image and take complete tonal control. 

Dodging and Burning is one of the most powerful methods for controlling how you finish and how you look at an image. The Dodging and Burning tool that’s been built into the panel is one of the most comprehensive and powerful dodging and burning tools on the market. There are 3 methods of Dodging and Burning built into the panel, and you can choose to Dodge or Burn in three different tonal ranges, all tones in the image, or based on a selection that you’ve made. 

When you press the Dodge and Burn button a pop-up window will appear, with three sections. You need to make one selection from each of the three sections. The first section is deciding whether you want to Dodge or Burn. In the second section you will choose the method you want to use, a Transparent Layer, a Middle Gray Layer or a Curves Layer. Each have their advantages, with the Transparent and Middle Gray layers effecting colour, but this can be an advantage and the curves adjustment only effecting lightness. 

The next section to choose from is the tonal range that you want to work in. You can choose to work in your Lights, Darks, Mid-Tones, Selection or all tones. When you choose to work in your Lights, Darks and Mid-Tones, after you press execute, a Luminosity Mask will appear, giving you the ability to restrict the tonal range you want to work in. If you choose selection as the tonal area, you must have made a selection before pressing on the Dodge & Burn button. When you choose all, you will simply dodge and burn in all tones. 

The video below will show how to use the Dodge & Burn tool in more detail. 

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