Luminosity Masks – Creating Luminosity Masks

How To Use ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks

How to Create Luminosity Masks

Creating Luminosity Masks

The creation of Luminosity Masks has never been more powerful, fast, accurate and intuitive.

You can make your selections using several different methods:

Make your initial selection in any of the tonal ranges. You can then cycle through all of the pre-made luminosity masks quickly to find a suitable mask. You also have the ability to view a tonal gradient at the bottom of your image which helps you visualise the selection and adjustments you are making. Simply check the “Show Gradient” box at the top of the screen before making you initial selection.

You will also see two eye-droppers to the right of the mask selections. These allow you to pick a tone directly from your image and ADPpanel+Pro will analyse the tone and create a mask that works in that tonal range.

You have three powerful adjustment tools available to you at anytime during your mask selection allowing you to modify your masks tones simply and easily, or modify your mask based on colours that are in your image.

Once you have completed the creating of your mask, you simply choose what you want to do with it next. You can load it up as a selection to use with other adjustment layers, to paint with, or with the Dodge and Burn tools. You can choose to use it with a Curves layer, which is the most common use for Luminosity Masks, or if you decide not to use the mask at all, you choose the Cancel button.

The video below will cover how this section of ADPpanel+Pro works in detail.

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ADPpanel+Pro v2 Luminosity Action Panel - CC2014 - CC2017
ADPpanel+Pro v2 Luminosity Action Panel - CC2014 - CC2017
ADP Panel + Pro for Photoshop CC2014 to CC2017 A powerful luminosity mask action panel for Photoshop. Giving you complete control over luminosity mask creation, digital blending, dodging and burning and much more.

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