Luminosity Masks – Auto Adjust CC

How To Use ADPpanel+Pro Luminosity Masks

Automated Luminosity Adjustment

Auto Adjust

Take the guess work out of Luminosity Mask selections and work with Luminosity Masks like you’re in Lightroom or Camera Raw, by using sliders to control the tones in an image. 

Whether you are new to using Luminosity Masks, or editing a commercial shoot on the run, or just want to get out some quick results, the Auto Adjust section will get you there. In Auto Adjust you use Luminosity Masks like sliders in Lightroom or Camera Raw and work in 2 tonal ranges in your lights, 2 tonal ranges in your darks and 5 tonal ranges in contrast. 

To start using Auto Adjust, you first need to choose the tonal ranges that you want to work in, so that the layers can be created to start making adjustment. you can choose to work in “All” tones in which case 13 layers will be created, or you can work in your “Highlights”, “Shadows” or “Contrast” all separately. In your highlights and shadows you can choose to lighten or darken you mid-tone lights and darks and you can choose to lighten or darken your bright highlights or dark shadows. 

Using contrast is where we can really start to make our images pop and jump off the screen. You have the ability to adjust contrast in 5 different tonal ranges. 

You can only use this tool once on each image, unless you flatten all of your layers. In the case where you flatten the layers you can re-run the tool. If you save the image with all it’s layers, when you return to the image later, your adjustments will still be available. 

The video below will show how to use the Auto Adjust tools in more detail. 

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