Luminosity Action Panel Videos


The videos below are designed to assist in the installation of the panel and also to get you started using the panel effectively.

Take the time to watch the instructional videos to understand the power of  Luminosity Masks in your editing, then start applying these to your images and then inventing your own unique ways of editing your images.

Enjoy the use of these Luminosity Actions, and I look forward to hearing and seeing some of the images you can create with these tools.



New Button in “Other Tab”, a new button has been added called “Alt”, as pictured below. This button has been created for people that use foreign language versions of Photoshop, and is used as an alternative to the “Create Channels” button.







Note: Click on the bottom right corner of the video to view it in Full Screen. 

Introduction To The Panel for CS6

Installation Instructions CC2015 (Click This Link)

Installation Instructions CS6

Luminosity Masks Tab

Colour & Saturation

Other Tools


Sharpening & Resizing