How To Stitch and Blend Bracketed Panoramas

ADPpanel Pro LogoHow To Stitch & Blend Bracketed Panoramas

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Bracketing exposures is a great method to capture the entire dynamic range of a scene, and these can be fairly straight forward to blend using luminosity masks. When we take panoramas we often bracket our exposures as well, but blending these together can be much more complicated.     



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In this tutorial I show how to stitch bracketed exposures together so that you can exposure blend them seamlessly. Photoshop has some great tools for creating panoramas, but it is very limited when you want to create a panorama from multiple different exposures. PTGui is a panorama stitching software that allows the user to save stitching patterns (templates) allowing you to stitch different exposure sets together using the exact same algorithm and helping you create perfectly blended panoramas.

In the past I used to either choose the best exposed image and increase shadow detail and drop highlight detail instead of blending because of the sheer complexity of working with bracketed exposures in a panorama. The other alternative was to blend each set of exposures together before stitching, which creates it’s own complexity and issues and isn’t an ideal way of working. With the techniques in this video you’ll never hesitate to do bracketed panoramas in the field again.

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