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If Luminosity Actions have been something you have been considering introducing into your workflow, and you’ve been unsure of what they are and how you might use them, or you’re simply looking for a basic tool for Luminosity Masking, I have created a Luminosity Action Panel ADPpanelMini to get you started and it’s absolutely FREE. 

Below you will find 2 free download options:


 – ADPpanelMini for CC2014 & CC2015
 – ADP Luminosity Actions for CS5 and above

The panel you see to the left will load as an extension in Photoshop CC2014 & CC2015 and appear as a panel in Photoshop and you can press the buttons on the panel to run the actions. 

As the panel is designed for CC2014 & CC2015, I have also included the option to download the actions separately which can be installed in almost any version of Photoshop and accessed through your actions window once they are loaded. 

You get all the standard 18 Luminosity Channel Masks plus some additional tools for creative effects and to help simply your workflow. 


To download the free products simply enter your name and e-mail address and you will be sent a link by e-mail to download your free product.

You will find instructions included in the e-mail you receive with the download link giving you instructions on how to install the products in Photoshop.

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Download ADPpanel Mini for CC2014 & CC2015: Installation instructions are included in the e-mail your receive to download the product.

Download ADPpanel Mini Free

Download The Actions for most versions of Photoshop: Installation instructions are included in the e-mail your receive to download the product. Note this product is the actions only and will work in most versions of Photoshop, but does not include the Mini Panel. 

ADPpanel Mini Actions
Luminosity Actions Only, compatible with CS5 and above.

Enjoy the free actions. 

If you would like to watch my free videos on the use of Luminosity Masks you can find it on The Luminosity Channel.

Two upgrade to the full featured and powerful Luminosity Action Panels ADPpanel for CS6 and ADPpanel+ for CC2014 and CC2015 you can find them at the Luminosity Action Panel.

















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