Dodge and Burn Luminosity Masks

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Dodge and Burn Luminosity Masks

In this tutorial I show you how to modify luminosity masks by using the dodging and burning tools in Photoshop to help create perfect selections. 

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When creating luminosity masks, we are often trying to make accurate selections around very fine areas such as tree branches, leaves on trees, grass in a field, etc.. This can be quite complicated as often these types of selections have light and dark areas as they can be partly in shade and partly lit by the sun. There are many techniques that we can use to refine our masks and help to make more accurate selections. It’s important that we have as many of these options up our sleeves as possible so that we can use Luminosity Masks to their full potential. 

In this tutorial I show how to use the Dodging and Burning tools built into Photoshop, to Dodge the highlights of your luminosity masks and burn the shadows of your luminosity masks without effecting the other and allowing us to make much finer selections and giving us cleaner blended images or adjustments with adjustment layers. 

Dodging and Burning of Luminosity Masks uses the same philosophy as dodging and burning images. 

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