Combine Masks to Make Complex Selections

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Combine Masks to Create a Perfect Luminosity Mask

Sometimes we’re faced with making a selection in our images that can’t be made accurately. In this tutorial I demonstrate how to combine multiple selections into one to create a perfect mask. 

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In the edit of this image I was trying to make a selection of just the rocks in the mountains to make a contrast adjustment and have them pop out. The problem I was facing is that I couldn’t make a clean selection without adjusting the surrounding areas, such as the snow on the mountains, the sky above the mountains and the trees below the mountain. To solve the issue I needed to use two completely different masks, then combine those two masks into one to target the area I needed to adjust accurately.  

Using a Restricted Tonal Area Mask to make a strong feathered selection of the rocks and combining it with a colour range selection of the rocks, I was able to accurately isolate the rocks without making a selection of the surrounding areas. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this video or future videos you may be interested in seeing, please leave a comment below. 

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