Images From Asia

Images from my tours & travels to Borneo, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Images From Australia

Images from my life and travels in Australia.

Images From Canada

Images from our epic home in the Canadian Rockies

Monochrome Images

My world in monochrome. Everything is so much simpler in Black & White.

Asia Gallery

I have been blessed to travel to Asia and in particular Indonesia, Cambodia and Borneo on many occasions. The proximity of most of Asia to Australia makes it a very popular tourist destination for Australians. The people and culture throughout Asia makes it one of the most rewarding travel destinations in the world. 

My images have captured not only the landscapes, but life in general. You can’t help but engage with locals, take part in their customs and come away with not only a great trip, amazing memories, but beautiful images with so much meaning. 

Australia Gallery

Australia hold a place near and dear to my heart. After moving from Canada to Australia in 2003, I soon fell in love with the people and the relaxed way of life. Shortly after arriving in Australia, I turned my hobby in photography into a passion, and then a career. 

I have been lucky enough to travel to almost all corners of Australia, including a 4 month camping trip, driving from coast to coast. Enjoy our photos of Australian landscapes, where you will get a taste of the beauty and diversity in the land down under. 

Canada Gallery

Growing up on Vancouver Island, on the West Coast of Canada, I spent a large part of my time exploring the outdoors. Whether it was fishing local and remote rivers, or hiking into the wilderness on camping trips, I have a deep connection with the Canadian Outdoors. 

After travelling back to Canada to photograph Autumn in the Rockies a few years ago, we decided to make this wonderful part of the world home. We now live in Canmore in the Canadian Rockies and have one of the most wonderful outdoor & landscape photography wonderlands at our door step.

Monochrome Gallery

Monochrome or Black & White imagery is a passion of mine. Stripping away the colour in an image, leaves behind the simplicity and beuatiful ines, textures and contrast. Although colour can bring a richness, monochrome images can create amazing moods. 

By stripping away the distraction that colour can bring, we can explore the mood in the images and draw out the soul of our subjects. 

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